The first step towards a new way of producing and consuming.

Areca Green Living is the result of a need for change, to make the difference between traditional ways of doing things and new concepts of production and sustainable product development. Our commitment to the environment and our responsibility for everything that surrounds us have led us to embark on this path.

At Areca Green Living, we seek a balance between design, functionality and sustainability. For this reason, our products are manufactured with 100% recycled and recyclable raw materials, which also give the product a long shelf life. Both the colour palette and the designs and finishes of our collections are inspired by elements of nature. Our goal is to create long-lasting, sustainable products adapted to the latest trends.

We are a young and modern brand, although we have been manufacturing and distributing our products around the world for more than 30 years. The need to find more sustainable ways of production and our interest in exploring new formats led us to the creation of Areca, a committed and environmentally responsible brand.

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